Welcome to the blog.

Work on Rogue Genius is nearing completion, and the book will be available in early September 2016.  Are you unfamiliar with the book?  Let me give you a brief synopsis:

Rogue Genius looks at George Lucas’ early career and influences, his famous work on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, and his further endeavors as a businessman and innovator.  It assesses his legacy and then investigates the harshest criticisms levied against him.

I grew up during the era of the Star Wars Special Editions and prequels and have always been a bit of a George Lucas apologist.  I wanted a writing project that would allow me to formulate my thoughts on Lucas and his work while challenging me to maintain impartiality.

My hope is that this blog will serve as a companion of sorts to the book while establishing a forum to share my thoughts and opinions on all matters related to Lucas and Star Wars.

I compiled hordes of notes in research for this book, and in the process of editing and condensing, I removed portions that might have been too tangential or redundant. Not every idea was a winner, but many worthy thoughts were left on the cutting-room floor in the name of concision.  Think of this blog as the special features of Rogue Genius.

I hope you’ll visit often and check out Rogue Genius when it releases next month.


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